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Solar Sable Power Partners, LLC Introduces the World's only ALL-IN-ONE™ Solar Smart Panel with Integrated Energy Storage. Coming Fall 2022
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It's not a solar panel and it's not a battery. This system is truly a fully integrated solar Production + Storage Module.

Patented design

This Patented Design delivers amazing power with a longer storage life than standard battery technologies.

Made in america

Sable Solar Power Partners, LLC location is Southern California. Available Nationwide Fall 2022.

the future has arrived

make solar smarter

Sable Solar Power Partners, LLC has partnered with the top companies in the industry to bring you the finest in design and function.

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high temp ratings
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Less Expensive
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longer battery life
year warranties
Why it is important?

utility rates continue to rise

Electricity rates are rising rapidly causing homeowners to look to solar for relief. Solar-only systems typically do not deliver power during a blackout (day or night), which causes homeowners to look toward battery storage.
why now?

current battery technology is unreliable

Current battery technology is very expensive, has a short lifespan relative to the solar system (~7 vs 25 yr), is very sensitive to temperature, and typically won’t power the whole home and/or larger appliances without numerous batteries.
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